If you wanna be having fun, Pittsburgh's Number 1
SXSW Part 5 - Big Storm - David Byrne - Grand Buffet Mother Nature throws a party for the end of SXSW ..... David Byrne Shows up...... Grand Buffet Gets Down.....

Highlights include rain, beer, and a cool clip of Sleep and Josh Martinez of The Chicharones...... They were really good!! photo: Grand Buffet shakes fast

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SXSW Part 4 - Jaggin Saturday Night, things were hoppin' but not much happenin'. Just some blurry highlights.
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SXSW Part 3 - Roky Erikson - The Brunettes - Interview with Fake Science - Circle A powerpacked day calls for a power packed podcast. Hightlights include footage of psychedelic godfather Roky Erikson, Subpop showcase with The Brunettes, An interview with James Polanco of Fake Science Lab Report, and Finnish Crazyness with Circle.

photo: Drummer Paul Quattrone of Midnite Snake, Modey Lemon, and Four Season's Boys. Firecracker Pow.

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SXSW - Austin Texas Report Part 2 - Mark Jeffrey Interview We start with a Mark Jeffrey interview of Pocket and the Pendant Fame. Then we get some nice street scene action.
Checkout: www.pocketandpendant.com for more info on this podcast pioneer.
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SXSW - Austin Texas Report Part 1 - Hotel Reporting from South By South West, hanging at the hotel doing emails, so I can go have fun, meet bands, labels, and hopefully soon to be podcasters.

Picture: Alexei Plotnicov of Midnite Snake is ready to Rock. But is the Rock ready for Alexei Plotnicov (see myspace for the real story....of course)

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