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Dark Night Rocking

A dark and story night chat with Special Forces #2 from the blockbuster Dark Knight Rises.  Patrick Jordan recounts his on set time in part one of his Stories from The Dark Knight Rises. Plus there is other NSFW talking about nothing and listener feedback.

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Getting things rolling again with Patrick Jordan from Barebones Productions fame.  Do some guac, test the machine and debut a new song called Planet Dog.  You can find it on soundcloud.

Go Mang!

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More to Come!!

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Yup......You Know what I'm talkin' About! You guys excited?


Lets Hear it!!

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Wow So Mucha Happenin! Check out Third Round!! Wow the scene is Smokin!!! Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story has Dropped and its awesome. Thanks Adrian.
Also, check out the hot new Pittsburgh Podcast show on the block..... The Third Round!!! The first two shows are excellent, lotsa good insight into the upcoming Mayoral Race and more.....
Bill Peduto's Podcast and Blog site is on fire, head over there to engage Bill in questions with his interactive Podcast, and check out the Super cool Peduto Radio with the band Developer
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